Methods to Install a Washer and Dryer Hookup

When it comes to adding a cleaner and drier to your home, you could have a few choices. You can do it yourself or else you can retain the services of a professional.

Unit installation costs differ widely based on the complexity of your job and exactly how far you need to connect the laundry space from existing normal water, electronic and gas lines. Adding new hookups requires opening up walls, flooring surfaces and existing plumbing lines to add drains, regulators, or to reroute pipe.

The cost of a fresh washing machine and dryer get together is typically among $350-$600, but it may be higher in order to connect the space from various location in the house. It can possibly be excessive in order to install new steaming to supply your dryer with gas and a vent out.

Methods to Set Up the Washing Machine

You need to have two adaptable water lines that hook up your appliance to the plumbing related (hot and cold). A drain hose-pipe and a power cord needs to be connected to your washer.

Ways to Set Up the Dryer

Your dryer needs a electric wire, and it will include a 240-volt outlet. A typical 240 connection for a dryer is a four-prong plug, although old homes usually use three-prong cords, so you’ll need to plan accordingly.

Before you start the installation procedure, be sure that your breaker box is definitely turned off which there are zero left over power retailers in your home. This is very important because it stops the possibility of a unsafe electrical flame.

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